The Nissan Versa is a fuel-efficient compact car, yet it still has enough interior room to seat up to five people comfortably. If you want a capable and safe vehicle, you need to visit Fiesta Nissan in Santa Fe, NM, and see what a new Nissan Versa has to offer for you and your family.


The Versa comes with some nice performance features. One handy feature is hill start assist. If you have ever worried about rolling back into the car behind you when stopped on a hill, you won't have to worry in the Versa. Hill-start assist keeps the vehicle in place long enough to let you move your foot from the brake pedal to the gas pedal without rolling.

Vehicle dynamic control is a performance feature that provides you with the traction control you need for safe driving. If the system detects that the Versa has started to go in a direction that you did not intend, the brakes can be selectively applied to bring the car back under control.


Nissan calls the safety package on its vehicles Safety Shield 360. This means that there are features designed to keep you safe from every direction. One safety feature designed for the package is automatic rear braking. When the Versa is backing up, sensors are scanning for objects in the way. If something is detected, the brakes will come on to prevent a collision.

Another valuable safety feature, that is also a convenience feature, is auto high-beams. When the traffic is thinned out, and high-beams are appropriate, they will come on automatically. The lights will automatically switch back to low when the need arises.

The Nissan Versa is a great performing small car that is perfect for driving in the Santa Fe, NM area. If the Nissan Versa sounds like the car for you, come check it out at Fiesta Nissan.

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